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Rockin Out DJ Service DJs a lot of weddings.

23 in 2016 alone.

So we’ve helped, from a musical perspective, plan every one of them. And to this point, I’ve never seen a need for a wedding planner.

I know that most blogs, most wedding vendors, most wedding industry people are all fakey, and everyone tries to act all loving and sweet and wonderful and tell you, “Oh yes little princess, you can’t possibly handle all this on your own.” But you’re a tough, intelligent woman with thoughts of your own and you didn’t need the world holding you by the hand to get you where you are today. Consequently, you don’t need a wedding planner.

Helps if you say these like Jeff Foxworthy.

  • If you’ve ever planned a party, of any size, birthday or otherwise, you don’t need a wedding planner.
  • If you’ve ever gotten up in the morning and planned a typical day, you don’t need a wedding planner.
  • If you’ve decided what music you want to listen to on the way to the beach, you don’t need a wedding planner.
  • If you’ve ever had anyone but you and your fiance to your house for dinner, you don’t need a wedding planner.
  • If you’ve purchased food for a cookout, or ordered pizza over the phone, you don’t need a wedding planner.
  • If you own, in some form or fashion, a notebook and a calendar and a pen, you don’t need a wedding planner.

I’d give you the other 94, but Google penalizes me in the rankings for over-use of keywords, so I can’t keep typing “wedding planner,” but you get the idea.

Chances are, if you made it to the point of finding a suitable mate, getting a full-time career and moving out on your own, you’ve already tackled most of the tasks an $1,800 wedding planner will do. Yeah, $1,800. That’s what they charge so that they can tell you to walk 40 feet into a barn when you hear your name called and then dance with your new husband. Know how many more nights you could have in Cabo for that? 2. 2 more nights. Want two more nights away from Lancaster PA? Yeah, me too.

If you hire a competent wedding DJ, such as Rockin Out DJ Service, we, or any other DJ perform most of the wedding day of coordinator tasks for you.

A COMPETENT wedding DJ should:

  • Coordinate with all vendors the day of and make sure that the ceremony steps off on time.
  • Check with all media hired to record that day and tell them what formalities will be occurring and where on the property.
  • Organize the bar staff to make sure the toast is poured and ready.
  • Come get the bridal party prior to intros and line them up, get pronunciations and intro them.
  • Then make announcements throughout the night, telling the bride and groom ahead of time when they should do the garter and bouquet, longest married couples dance, and any games. Whaaaat? Your DJ doesn’t do games? Well he’s lame, fire him, hire us.

The tasks needed to successfully plan and execute a wedding are, to a large extent, just a broader application of everything you do in your daily life. Drive to the beach? Well that’s the same time as your open dancing, so that wedding play list should be easy to compile. Figured out your monthly bills? Well most weddings average 7 vendors, that’s only about 2 more bills than you normally have.

Chances are you should have some friends that can each split up a task if it’s too much to handle if  you need some help. That way, they’re more invested in your event than just having a new place to get drunk on your big day.

Plus between WeddingWire.com and their awesome wedding checklist and The Knot, you should be able to find plenty of great resources to help plan your day.

At Rockin Out DJ Service, we offer a 19 page Wedding Reception Music Guide that takes you step-by-step from prelude music to last dance. It gives you ideas for games, for those who want to feel included in your event but may not have necessarily come to dance. Plus ideas for really cool bridal dances you my not have thought of. If you book any of our Wedding DJ Packages, you get this, plus our day-of coordination…free.

So have confidence in your choices. You got a diploma. You dumped your jerk boyfriend, if you haven’t then dump him, now.  You have a career, a car and an apartment. You also didn’t need to pay someone $1,800 to help you find your husband.

You also don’t have to pay $1,800 to someone to help you enjoy your first day with them.

If you do, you better be wealthy as hell, cuz you’ll then need them everyday for 20 plus years.



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