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In this blog we examine the age old problem when picking wedding music, what to do when your fiancee’s music tastes don’t match yours and you have to plan your wedding music.

At Rockin Out DJ Service, we always provide our Brides and Grooms with great wedding music ideas in our Wedding Reception Music Guide, but sometimes, the lines between their favorite music and what goes together gets a little blurred. By the way, nobody likes Blurred Lines anymore. So when I do play it, it’s in this medley of Chicago tunes sung by Robin Thicke and Chicago from this Grammy performance:

Just like with wine and certain foods, say Brussels Sprouts, for instance, certain music genres just don’t work together. That is, of course unless you’re pairing sprouts with a dry Madeira, like Sercial Madeira. You can serve a Sercial slightly chilled and it will taste more like a bold white wine.

But I digress.

We’re going to discuss the best wedding music ideas 2017.

We had a bride recently who liked 90’s Country, and wanted it played at her Lancaster County Wedding. Songs like Amarillo By Morning, Good Directions, My Maria, Suds In The Bucket. Awesome. We, as Wedding DJs in Lancaster PA like them too.

But she also liked experimental jazz fusion. Whoa. Bass-slappin’, no melody having, can’t whistle in the shower to type stuff. To hear them together is to taste Brussels Sprouts and Cookies and Cream Ice Cream. Ick.

A better pairing would have been 90’s country and 90’s rock. Like the acoustic version of Everlong and Semi-Charmed Life. Lovefool by The Cardigans is good too.

You don’t necessarily have to please everyone with your music at your Lancaster County Wedding. As we’ve said in other blogs, the place for your personal playlist is in your ceremony. You can use acoustic versions of your faves, or even The Piano Guys or Vitamin String Quartet make great versions of popular songs. We have a whole YouTube Wedding Ceremony Playlist on our YouTube Channel, Rockin Out DJ Service. That has great wedding music ideas for 2017 included on it.

The idea is to certainly include your own personal music tastes, but if you have a couple of different wedding music genres you and your hubby-to-be would like to hear in Dinner or Cocktail Music, make sure that they sound good together and not like an iPod on Shuffle.

The key is if you notice the change in music too much, or it sounds like someone abruptly changed the station, then it won’t fit together.

The following wedding musical parings work really well together:

60’s Doo-Wop and 60’s R&B – Duke Of Earl and Ain’t Too Proud To Beg

90’s Country and 70’s Ballads Soft Rock – Here think Reminiscing by Little River Band and Hypnotize the Moon by Clay Walker

80’s Rock and Modern Rock – As in Come On Eileen and Cake By The Ocean

80’s Hair Bands and 60’s & 70’s Rock or 80’s Hair Bands and 90’s Alt Rock –

Along the lines of Once Bitten Twice Shy and Mama Told Me Not To Come

or Paradise City and Hey Jealousy by The Gin Blossoms

So if you and your new hubby have differing tastes you can always make it work by including some of his faves, but most of yours, ha. Then everyone’s happy and you don’t have songs following each other like this smooth jazz collection and Linger by The Cranberries.

Hopefully these ideas will help you have a musically tasteful wedding that’s not only pleasing to the eye and taste buds, but to your ear drums too.





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