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Welcome to #2 in Rockin Out DJ Service’s Blog series on Wedding Music Playlists.

Last time we focused on Jazz and Standards in our Cocktail Hour Wedding Music Blog, as well as how best to pick different and eclectic artists within your genre. Plus we focused on all the effort, energy and detail we at Rockin Out DJ Service put into selecting that music; how we match the selections to the energy of the room, and choose based on your taste in music as well, always helping the energy along while being mindful not to make the volume too loud.

Today we turn our attention to groups like The Eels, The Bird & The Bee, The Avett Brothers and singers like Haley Rinehart. All fairly new and their additions would make for a really soulful and fun Alternative and Coffee House Cocktail Hour Wedding Music.

If you do choose this music, keep one thing in mind, and that is there aren’t too many newer “true” Love Songs in this category. Not saying you have to go as far back as Norah Jones early music, but you may not want to hear Ex’s & Oh’s during cocktail hour. Which means during Dinner Hour, you may want to mix it up by throwing in older country, classic rock or acoustic versions of today’s pop songs like Chloe Cooke’s music. Otherwise the energy may suffer and the constant guitar sounds might drag down the crowd. Just something to keep in mind if your crowd is not all in the 23-29 age group.

With that in mind, here is our best Spotify choices, and some of our former brides & grooms choices, for best cocktail hour wedding music alternative and coffee house style. To see the rest of Rockin Out DJ Service Spotify Playlists, just click.


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