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A lot of people come up to me and ask me, “Rich, we have no idea what Cocktail Hour Wedding Music to play at our Wedding Reception. What music should we play?” After finding out if I know them or not, I’m glad to fill them in on Cocktail Hour Wedding Music. How they know I’m a DJ just by looking at me, I don’t know.

But this is a series of playlists that I’ll be making via the use of Spotify, and our Rockin Out DJ Service Spotify account  which is a great app for just figuring out what you want if you don’t know where to start planning your music. Especially if you only know one artist and then don’t know where to go from there as Spotify will let you pick from a variety of similar artists on the right sidebar. I know YouTube allows the same selection process, however with Spotify the suggestions aren’t based upon overall clicks on videos, the suggestions are based upon which artists really go together and compliment one another based on style of play.

The idea with Cocktail Hour at a wedding that we use at Rockin Out DJ Service use is that you just came out of a  wedding ceremony playing mostly instrumentals or acoustic mixes of current songs. Either way you didn’t have words in the songs. Cocktail Hour Wedding Music should have lyrics in our opinion, be familiar, and be something that can be conversed over without taking center stage. The artists should be from a wide range of musical influences and ranges. The artists played should represent the gamut from the 40’s to present day. The energy plays a big role in the music with us. So the energy should be bright and moving, match the guests, with not too many slow songs. See how much effort we put into choosing the music for this initial part of your wedding reception??

There’s one DJ in Lancaster on his Cocktail Hour Wedding Music page that allows you to select from Kenny G or Yanni. Oh. My. God. Why people book that guy, I have no idea.

So this is a music playlist that hopefully meets the above criteria and will give you an overview of the kinds of things Rockin Out DJ Service plays at a wedding reception.

This one is geared toward standards: Sinatra, The Four Freshmen, Amy Winehouse.

If you don’t like this genre for your cocktail hour, we can do a variety of coffeehouse music or country music as well. Whatever your tastes require as a Bride & Groom, we’re here to meet your needs.

This is one in a series of blogs geared toward helping you select your Wedding Music in general. Our next one will be a Cocktail Hour list for the more eclectic and alternative bride. So be on the lookout for that soon


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