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Don’t tell ME I told you so…but I told you so.  So you’ve been stressing and stressing over all of your details. You started on your Wedding Day timeline at 7 pm. It’s now 7:15 pm, your wine bottle is empty and you’re shitfaced. Way to go. And hubby is no help cuz Madden just came out. So if you don’t have any gay friends to help, here are 4 more things to add to your Wedding day timeline.

 for god’s sake eat something

It might be 10 hours or more till you eat: from getting up at 8 am, getting ready, ceremony at 4, dinner at 6, there’s a good chance you won’t have a reasonable meal in that time.  Most weddings there are about 20 to 30 people that will approach you during dinner for any number of insane reasons and your food might be cold by the time  you get to eat it. Or worse yet, an unprofessional photographer might pull you outside for candid pics. There goes the $20 a plate dinner. You may be nervous and not feel like eating, but you’re in for a long day and night, and a little protein will steady you and provide stamina. Order in, designate a family member, or have the guys go out for burgers before they get dressed; just don’t forget to feed the key players for your big day, that includes you.

pack up your crap before the wedding ceremony starts

For those that have the wedding and reception at the same venue, plus a party bus coming later to get everyone and bring them back to the hotel, this is something to remember. It typically helps us wedding DJs more than anything. The bridal party is the driving force behind the fun and dancing at a wedding reception. If they have to leave to go pack for 45 minutes during open dancing, that really will put damper on things. So pack up pre-ceremony. That way when the party bus arrives, you can all  grab your personal belongings and go.

you’ll make MORE time – NO you won’t – God created time

Too many times I meet with my brides and grooms, and they have scheduled the photographer to leave at 9 p.m., but sometimes they want to cut the cake at 9:30  Of course, they want photography coverage during cake cutting. I always recommend that you put together your timeline first, and then see where your vendors fit best to capture all the important moments. If it’s not in your budget to extend a vendors coverage, then tweak from there. I’ve had many brides do a faux departure exit because it wasn’t in their budget to extend coverage.

that’s one steamy dress

The wedding dress might not come to you steamed and un-wrinkled, so take the time to make sure you can steam it and leave it time to set before putting it on.

If you try to include most of these things in your day, including leaving a time cushion for all your events. Just throw in a hour of time, if for nothing else than to leave time for any problems to get sorted. But also leave time with your spouse to just take in the special, small moments of your day and tell them what you mean to them, if you do these things you’ll be sure to have the special day you’ve dreamed of.

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