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Don’t Be Her On Your Wedding Day

I Can’t Think of A Frickin Song!!!!

So there’s the paperwork…Yup…right there. All 20 some pages of it and you have NO earthly idea about what songs to choose or even how to go about choosing them. So go get a glass of Pinot and let’s get thru this together. Now, on to…

How To Pick Your Wedding Ceremony Music & Wedding Reception Music

Listen Harder…

First, listen harder. I know that sounds over-simplified, but it’s the truth. Just listen harder to everything you hear and see. If you hear a song you like, text it to your hubby-to-be. Have him text songs he thinks are good to you. If you go into this thinking, “OMG, I’ve gotta find a song to dance to with my dad,” you never will and you will break up with your fiance.

Although we did a pretty awesome job with this one here last year, CLICK HERE – AWESOME FATHER DAUGHTER DANCE.

Pile Them Up…

Second take all these songs you keep hearing (except for Brave by Sara Barellies cuz I hate that song,) and put ’em in a big giant pile and then keep building the pile. Hear a song and say, “Wow, I want that one in my wedding.” Not as a specific Formal Dance Song, but just “in the wedding.”

Sort Through Your Songs…

Then about three weeks before your paperwork is due, sort thru the whole shootin match. Then start to categorize and say, “This one is great for Prelude Music, this one would be an awesome Longest Married Couple’s Dance.” Then it will all start to reveal itself to you and your Groom.

The pile that is left with those songs that just don’t fit in a category, or are “runners-up” to your other Formal Dances and slow songs? Then those are your Prelude Songs.

The song that is the Runner Up to your Intro song? Then that one is the Bridal Party Entrance Song. See how they sort of reveal themselves as you go? The rest of the music can be anything.

Yes you can use fast songs for Prelude and Wedding Ceremony Music. Just check out The Piano Guys or the Vitamin String Quartet here. Last year we did Don’t Stop Believing as a Bridal Recessional song by The Vitamin String Quartet. And we even did We We Will Rock You by them too.

We Chose The Right Music – We’re Happy Now

Put Yourself Into The Music..

The more of you, the bride and your groom that you put into the ceremony, the more your guests will identify with you and your music selections and the more fun everyone will have. If you both happen to have very eclectic tastes in music, that other may not see as “dancey” or, worth putting into open dancing, then the Ceremony and Prelude are the perfect spots for it. The ceremony and the prelude set the tone for your entire event. A lot of the reason people don’t seem to have fun at weddings is lack of opportunity to connect with the bride and groom. No time to connect via conversation and not being able to connect a musical theme to them either. So if you don’t listen to classical music n your daily life, don’t use it at the ceremony either.

Connect you to your music and both you and your guests will have a much more enjoyable wedding reception. If you need help choosing music for other segments of your event, try our blog on choosing Cocktail Hour Music.

If you need help with choosing music in other segments of your wedding, contact Rockin Out DJ Service.


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