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Outdoor Ceremony At Historic Shady Lane – A Venue That Requires Extra Amplification

Must Haves For Your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony & Indoor Reception

Lancaster PA Barn Weddings and in particular, outdoor wedding ceremonies and indoor receptions can sometimes prove to be a hassle to plan.

You’d like to hold your wedding ceremony outside the barn area in say maybe a grassy area or perhaps nearest a water feature if available. But have you thought about how you’re going to get music to that location, or even the officiant’s voice?

How To Get Sound To Your Wedding Ceremony Area

Even with instrumentalists only performing for the ceremony, it would still be difficult for everyone walking down the aisle to hear their cues. You’d set them near the wedding guests, but then they’re the only ones hearing the music. The rest of your bridal party, and you the bride need to know when to walk, and even the best violinist can’t carry up a hill and into the bridal holding area.

This is where it’s nice to have audio reinforcement for your wedding ceremony. Some Lancaster PA Wedding DJs have this covered, some don’t. Thankfully, we do, when you’re saying, “I Do.”

Rockin Out DJ Service comes equipped with a small ceremony sized PA system that can be set up anywhere, in a field, a meadow, by a stream.

Wedding Ceremony System – Included In All Packages

This way, even if you decide to use an instrumentalist AND pre-recorded wedding ceremony music, you’re covered. Plus you’ll need mics too. We also have that covered with wireless handheld mics for the officiant or anyone doing a reading as well.

You’re going to want music for cocktail hour. But another factor you may have also overlooked is that post ceremony, during cocktail hour, you now have guests either wandering the wedding venue, or maybe congregating in another spot on the property apart from where the ceremony took place. Now, you’re going to need a DJ who has a 2nd system, or can move that 1st one easily and quickly. We have that covered too. Ours breaks down quickly and easily and is re-set in moments. So the cocktail hour music keeps flowing, along with the cocktails.

Also keep in mind most wedding venues stage their wedding ceremonies far from the main tent, the main house, or the area where the reception is being held. Most of those venues now have noise ordinances, so it’s impossible for a single system DJ to cover the ceremony, the cocktail hour and the reception from one spot. So even if you don’t book us, you’ll need a DJ with 3 systems to handle the music and the locations as which you need it

So make sure if you don’t want your wedding DJ hauling equipment all over your wedding venue and making you look bad, and himself unprepared in the process, you hire Rockin Out DJ Service. We are Lancaster PA’s #1 Wedding Media company and we can handle your wedding day to make it stress free and ensure everyone hears your I Do’s, AND the music that accompanies it too!


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