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If We Can Get These Guys To Dance, We Can Get Anyone To Dance

To start out with at your wedding, you’d want a quality DJ, like Rockin Out DJ Service.

We don’t like to brag, but it takes up time in the off season, and we’re on the vendor list of 5 of the top 10 Lancaster PA wedding reception venues. So we’re trusted to bring a good time and great music to your wedding reception guests.

But as you’re planning your wedding reception, how do you make sure everyone hangs around after the formal dances are done, the cake is cut and everyone is ready to party? How do you make sure the older crowd doesn’t get frightened away after the Cha-Cha Slide?

Well, you first make it a priority when planning to get at least a good cross-section of requests your guests would want to hear.

But how do you do that when you haven’t seen Aunt Shirley since never and you plan on avoiding her the entire wedding?

You use Rockin Out DJ Service’s Guest Request Music Page. (Also, avoid Aunt Shirley. She’s always hated you.)

The Guest Request Music Page Serves Several Important Purposes:

  • For us as DJs, it helps us get a good idea ahead of time what the general mood of the crowd is so we can have some wedding music pulled up and ready for open dancing. Also for the older songs and music from the 50’s and 60’s that may not fill our library, it helps us to obtain that before the event to be as ready as possible.
  • For the bride and groom, you can email blast this link to your entire guest list, or maybe just one or two people that you share the same taste in music with. They can, in turn log onto our website and then give us all the requests that you’d be too busy to send in. This way it frees up your time to plan Itinerary, Place Settings, Photography needs, or anything else that’s filling your bridal to-do list.
  • Say for instance your grandparents, for whatever reason, didn’t have a typical wedding reception. Maybe they were married pre WWII, or had to have a wedding minus all the frills and didn’t get to dance to their favorite song. Well, tell them about the Guest Request Music Page. Have them log on and fill in all the songs they never got to dance to at their original wedding. They’ll thank you for it and it’ll be a classic and touching wedding reception moment.

This just a small way that we go above and beyond at Rockin Out DJ Service to make your wedding reception fun and memorable for everyone, and try to get all music tastes and all music genres involved in your big day, so you don’t have to.

So choose a DJ for your wedding reception that has your best interests at heart, one like us. Invite your guests and share the link to our Guest Request Music Page so that way your dance floor will be full all night and your wedding music planning will be hassle free, and better yet, include ALL your guests.

Link To The Guest Request Music Page: http://www.rockinoutdjservice.com/guest-requests/

Rockin Out DJ Service. Making sure no one leaves our wedding receptions talking about how great the gravy tasted.


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