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The Top 5 Wedding Vendors in Lancaster PA

If you’re searching and searching for wedding vendors for your Lancaster County wedding this coming year and yet just can’t seem to find the right fit, we’ve done the homework for you and made selecting them as easy as filling out the contact form below. But first we’ll list them for you and give you the reasons why we think they belong in the Top 5 of all Lancaster County wedding vendors.


Top Wedding Venue Lancaster PA – Brick Gables


Brick Gables is an exciting and new barn wedding venue located in Lititz, PA in the heart of Lancaster County. They’re anchored by Country Home Catering, which is their exclusive on-site caterer. The barn can hold 300 wedding guests in a vintage, country wedding atmosphere that’s climate controlled. Their succulent wedding menu is more elaborate than most wedding caterers and features a choice of 19 different entrees with flatware and plates included. There is even an outdoor wedding ceremony area, a barn and a separate cocktail area too. Plus if you’d prefer the comfort of an indoor ceremony and an outdoor reception, Brick Gables can accommodate with a ceremony area that they can then transform into a reception area while your guests are outside enjoying cocktail hour. They’re now booking weddings into 2017. Plus they have two FT wedding planners on staff. The main wedding reception room features existing globe lights for a romantic lighting effect, alleviating the need to rent outside lights to enhance the room. Call Carol or Heather to book your tour of this top rated wedding venue today.


Top Wedding Photo Booth Lancaster – FX Photo Booths

Year after year FX Photo Booths has been named the top photo booth by brides and grooms in the Lancaster PA area. The reason? There are almost too many to list here. But some of the many are affordability, flexibility, and innovation. FX Photo Booths is one of the only photo booth renters in the area to offer Video Messaging, GIF booths and ability to post to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Plus they’re renowned for their elaborate props, which are theatre quality and not the dime-store kind on cheaper booths. Not only do the bride and groom receive an archival quality scrapbook with all the days photos inside, their guests also recieve strips to take along and a choice of color or B&W, and a copy of all photos on digital media too! One of the things that really makes their wedding photo booth unique is that there are 2 attendants on site, which means one can assist guests in the booth, while the other prints out the images so that way your wedding guests aren’t missing out on all the rest of the wedding reception fun. Contact FX Photo Booths today and get them to your event.


Top Wedding DJ Lancaster PA – Rockin Out DJ Service


This is the 4th time for this honor for Rockin Out DJ Service. With 10 years of experience they’ve been a party dj, a wedding dj, a crowd motivator and sometimes game show host. But Rich Berkheimer, the owner doesn’t seem to mind. They can keep the crowd on the dance floor all night or can just be the perfect background for a more mellow and casual wedding reception. Most DJs boast about their limitless music library but Rich believes that choosing the perfect song to elevate a gathering to an event is better. “You can have a hundred thousand songs from which to choose in your DJ library, but when the bride wants to have a dance with her Dad to honor her Mom who has passed on, you better know exactly what to play in a moments notice. That’s what separates us is our music knowledge.” Not only are they fun, but they can lead an event and alleviate the stress of planning and executing your wedding reception. Pus they have a wedding photography and dj combo and a wedding dj and photo booth combo too. A fun, affordable, professional DJ . That’s the DJ you want for your wedding reception.


Top Wedding Photographer Lancaster PA – Anthony Kham Photography


Anthony is one of the most sought after wedding photographers in Lancaster PA. His style is a combination of documentary and edgy-bold photography. An example of his style is a photo of the bride having her makeup done, shot from above, with an emphasis on the eye shadow brush rather than on her face. Even a single portrait of a bridesmaid might be shot so that her face takes over only the bottom right of the photo and the rest of the space is filled with the wall, or include a point-of-interest behind her. Anthony uses all the pieces of his photographs to not only bring the viewer into the moment, but to use all the aspects of a photo to make it feel alive. Anthony Kham has been the recipient of several WeddingWire Awards, and now adds this to his honor list as well. More examples of the photos he “makes” and not takes, can be found thru the Rockin Out DJ Service Wedding DJ & Photography Combo Page


Top Wedding Caterer Lancaster PA – Gypsy Kitchen Catering


If you’ve ever been to a wedding, you pretty much know exactly what you’re eating immediately upon opening your wedding invitation. Six months from now you’re going to be eating dry chicken breast, stuffed with something the caterer “claims” is stuffing, after first having cubed cheese from Weis Markets. We’re sorry you had to suffer that indignity. But with Gypsy Kitchen Catering in Lancaster PA, you’ll be so surprised course after delicious course, that your taste buds will thank you for years to come. This is a wedding caterer who serves Organic Chicken Gai Yang, a type of Bar-B-Q Thai Street Chicken with an Apple Salad. In Lancaster?! At a wedding reception? Yes! Or how about Roast Pork Loin with a Caramel Citrus Glaze? Not your traditional wedding caterer, and not your traditional wedding meal. Even their brick and mortar facility is located in the Lancaster Theological Seminary refectory. A singularly unique culinary experience from their Stoner’s Field Greens Salad until your stomach can’t even be filled with one more bite of their Bathsheba Flourless Chocolate Signature Cake. The husband and wife team of Ed and Ellen Diller are at the helm of this now award-winning Lancaster PA wedding caterer. Check them out!


If you’re looking to have the easiest and most worry-free wedding reception in Lancaster PA, contact the vendors above. I’m sure you’ll agree with those that voted for them that they’re the best of the best wedding vendors in Lancaster.


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