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Weddings are not all we do, but it is what we do BEST.

Any Lancaster Wedding DJ can play music for 6 straight hours, it may be mixed well or it may not. It may start in one genre and then immediately for no reason, switch to another.  The sound may be too loud for your older guests and then too soft for anyone to enjoy.  Maybe the pastor gets mic’d for the vows and readings, maybe he doesn’t. That is the $400 guy you’ve seen on the Internet.  We’re NOT him. Not only do we include the Ceremony system in your fee, but we will mic everyone doing a reading and the officiant as well.

Plus our social media is top notch, and not self-promotion. We assist our brides in all phases of music planning and we even have a YouTube Channel with an awesome Wedding Ceremony Music Playlist. I’m a true MC, with stand up comedy experience. That doesn’t mean I’ll do any at your event. It just means I am comfortable with a mic in my hand making announcements, seeing to it that the event is running on time and everyone is in a great mood.

We Keep It Personal

  • Bridal First Dance Choreographed – Optional
  • Quicktime Movie & Soundtrack for First Dance or Pre-Intro*
  • Wedding Reception Music Guide
  • Guest Requests – Your guests can submit their special requests prior to the event by completing the form on our Guest Requests tab
*We will create a Quick Time Movie, which is better than an average DJ slide show. We utilize your photos and your background music choices. It is optional and an extra fee. You get to keep a copy of this too.

We Keep It Fun

  • Song Lyrics On Tent Cards So Your Guests Have To Sing To You Instead Of Glasses Clinking To Get You To Kiss – Optional
  • Bridesmaid Guest DJ – We Make Her the Star
  • Kissing Game –Cute not Sleazy
  • Shoe Game – We Call It Sole Mates
  • Garter Toss On An Actual Football


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We’re passionate about music in all genres including: Rock, Modern Rock, Top 40, Oldies, 80s, Hot Country, Motown,  R&B, Classic Rock, Sinatra, Swing and anything else you can imagine. Our music catalog is diverse! We adapt our music to the crowd and YOUR idea of what you expect in a DJ. Up and pumping the crowd for more energy, or sedate and classic, taking a back seat to the music and you. Always following your specific PLAY LIST and DO NOT PLAY LIST to a T. We even offer a Guest Request Tab to ensure all your guests get their requests in on your special day.

Our equipment is current and reliable. Our Speakers electronically adapt to the fact the room may be all tile, all glass, or all wood, which vastly affects the audio quality. Your sound quality will be awesome in any room of any type construction, at any volume level. We also use Wireless mics. Who cares? You will. Do you want a wire in your pics, or worse, ME as the background of your photos because your Maid Of Honor couldn’t wander more than 3 feet from my table for her toast? All the music for your event is stored on a 1TB External hard drive in Lossless WAV Format to ensure better than CD quality sound.

I’m 45 years old. “Oh my God that’s soooo old.” No. It isn’t. Would you want a 24 year old who has only DJ’d a few weddings if something goes wrong, or would you want someone with experience and maturity to calmly fix it all? I’m the right answer, especially when it comes to music selection. I can draw on over 6 decades of music, pleasing not just the younger crowd, but your grandparents too.

Rockin’ Out DJ Service is proud to announce we have received the prestigious Couples Choice Award on WeddingWire.com. 4 years in a row. Our clients and friends have chosen Rockin’ Out DJ Service as one of the top 5% of Wedding Reception DJs in America. We are proud to offer prospective clients a list of References, with phone numbers upon request. These references are actual past clients and are not family members. In addition you are free to view over 50 reviews on Wedding Wire as well as our company endorsements.


There is more to being a professional DJ than just price, and likewise a lot more you should know. Hopefully you’ve done your homework on WeddingWire.com. Or there is a great wedding planning financial worksheet on RealSimple.com. That’s just a worksheet.  Average prices for all vendors can be found at Cost Of Wedding.  Kinda like saying, “How much is a car?” Well it could be $400 for a 1995 Saturn, or $42,500 for a 2015 Honda Ridgeliner. Depends on what you’re looking for in a DJ or a car, right?  Long answer short, give us a call or contact us.

Under most circumstances I would say a resounding “yes”; however it is neither in the best interest of the client for which I’m working, nor does it help you much. If your particular event is a wedding and you would be coming to a wedding to see us, it won’t help much as your idea of how active I should be, as well as your musical taste would probably differ from the bride for which I’m DJing. For instance, if the wedding you’re coming to see me at has a bride which has asked me to take a back seat and you want me to be more of an MC at yours, the only benefit is hearing the overall audio quality we provide. In order to see how we are at an event, the best way is to view our videos on our YouTube Channel.

I will be your DJ at your event, unless I am already booked that day. It is best to inquire of our services as early in the planning process as possible to ensure that you will get , me, Rich, the owner on your day, if that is your wish. In the case of illness or emergency, or if I am booked and you still wish to book us, I do have a backup DJ and his name is Aaron. He works our overflow gigs , has the same go-getter attitude and has the same exuberant energy as I have. He also has similar up lighting, and highly tailored audio equipment to fit your individual tastes as well.

Surely. And I more than encourage that so that way we ALL feel comfortable and can discuss the individual Wedding Reception needs you may have.  But with the way we have our easy, simple paperwork thought out ahead of time and provide to you, the planning should be simple and straightforward if we meet or not. Our Wedding Reception Music Guide is a great feature for those of you brides and grooms who are both in separate colleges in separate states or those couples wherein one is in the US Armed Forces. We have done weddings wherein we haven’t even MET the bride until the day of her event due to the above circumstances,  and because of the easiness of the paperwork and its thoroughness, it has gone very well.

The booking process is as follows. Fill out the Request Your Date Form on this website. I will respond within 48 hours.  I do not wish to waste our time. I will check with you in three days to see if you’d like to schedule a meeting. If so, we will meet and discuss contract details. Typically that meeting takes an hour. I usually conduct those at a mutually agreed upon meeting spot like Buffalo Wild Wings in Downingtown, or On The Border in Reading.  We will review the Wedding Reception Music Guide with you, which is an invaluable tool, giving you a ton of options for Formal Dances, Games and fun for your wedding reception. You will be left the contract at that meeting. As this business is first come, first served, I will not hold a date. You will have 48 hours after that meeting to decide to book. If you do book, the Deposit is due in Cash, Check, or PayPal. The Balance is due as agreed upon in the contract.

Yes we can provide all of these things to you and more. While we do not OWN a screen  or projector, we can obtain one that will work with your provided laptop. We would rent it from a facility and pass that cost onto you. If you’d like a slide show, and you provide us the song titles and approximate length of the slide show, we can edit and tailor the music to fit the time frame. Our Graphic Designer makes actual QuickTime Movies for us for our slide shows. They are edited together with a soundtrack of your choosing and they are $25 an hour to produce.  We also have access to photo booths as well for your event. We have partnered with FX Photo Booths.

If the wedding ceremony location requires more movement than simply lifting and carrying equipment, and instead involves a drive from the location of the Ceremony site to the Reception site, then a $100 Moving Fee will be required for a 2nd Sound System to be set up and torn down. Normally if you need ceremony music in one spot at your venue and then the reception music elsewhere, we can accommodate that need.

An average of 25 per year since 2009. I try to keep it to 25, as I want to remain fresh for each event.

There is nothing wrong with choosing your own music for this event, and in fact the more personal you can make it for this event, then the more fun your guests will have as the event will include YOUR own personal stamp and that will be noticed by your guests. Keeping in mind however that if the playlist becomes TOO personal and no one recognizes any of the music, they may not dance.

We at Rockin Out DJ Service pride ourselves on not only being accomplished at handling announcements, toasts and the like but we are also crowd motivators. We incorporate our own unique individual style into each event and our own personalities shine thru the music. That means if it happens to be 85 degrees with 100% humidity at your event, we aren’t going to be the kind of DJs to make people dance against their will. We will simply downshift into a style of music befitting the mood of the guests, the ambiance of the room, and make everyone comfortable. Conversely if everyone is up and having a good time, we will push the energy right along with them.

No I can’t. Not a whole day with a ceremony too. Wedding Professionals cost money. They just do. However, I will tailor a package to suit you if you’d like. Would you work for nearly free? Nope. Neither would I. Look. If you want to book a professional, who will bring not only professional equipment to your event, but also professional, award-winning customer service and not leave you hanging the day of your event, then choose a pro, like us. There are tons of cut-rate DJs out there who leave tons of Brides hanging every year. Those Brides were enticed by the $400 price tag too. But those Brides had a bad DJ or worse yet, NO DJ the day of their event. I get those calls all the time, “Our DJ backed out and was really cheap. Help us.”  Look, if you’re in love now, you’ll still be in love in three years when you save up the money to do this right.


Mark & Rainie Werner

Overall, Rich did an awesome job as the entertainment for our wedding reception! He really interacted well with the crowd for events like the garter toss and anniversary dance, keeping the mood fun, without being overwhelming or trying to steal the show. The music selection was very well rounded, covering several styles and decades to please our grandparents as well as our younger guests. I’m sure everyone has been to a wedding before where the DJ will play a song and the crowd will start to dance, and then, suddenly, it’s followed up by a down-tempo, mood-killing, random, “what is this crap?” kinda song that makes you wonder why you even bothered to get up to dance in the first place. At our reception, that was not the case. Rich based his song selection on the response of our guests, so when everyone was on the dance floor, they STAYED on the dance floor. We were very pleased with our DJ selection and would definitely recommend Rockin’ Out DJ Service to anyone who is looking to have an absolute blast at their reception, party or dance.

Jeff & Kristin Keeney

Rich played at our wedding at Lauxmont Farms in Wrightsville, PA on July 19, 2008 and did an amazing job. We were very pleased that he played the types of songs we had requested when we met with him prior to the wedding. He also did a great job of honoring the requests of our guests at the reception. Rich did a really nice job at “reading” our guests and kept the party going by playing dance music most of the time and slowing it down when appropriate. He even stayed an hour later than planned because we and our guests were having such an amazing time. He was professional in every aspect of the word. We were very pleased and would recommend him to anyone.

Debbie Coddington

Rich was the DJ for our wedding reception in March 2009. He was amazing, did a great job. Played the songs that got my guests dancing and was personable, we were so thrilled to have him! I would certainly recommend him to anyone who needs an experienced and professional DJ.

Emily Knezic

Rich was extremely helpful and easy-going when it came to choosing the perfect music for our wedding day.  Not only did he offer suggestions when we were clueless, but Rich accommodated our specific tastes in music throughout the night.

Cortney & Chad Herman

If you are a couple who is looking for a fantastic and easy DJ experience, Rockin’ Out DJ Service is the way to go. Rich came and DJed at our wedding, and the party did not stop until we told it to stop. Rich was highly responsive to our wants and wishes for the music that was to be played at our wedding. He even acquired the music of a lesser known country artist so that we could have the music that we wanted. Rich was able to create and blend country, hip-hop and 90s boy bands in a way that flowed and kept everyone out on the dance floor! I imagine that not everyone would be able to make that happen. Because of Rich, we have awesome memories of our wedding day and a party that will not soon be forgotten.

Makayla Ann

Rockin Out DJ Service was absolutely amazing! I couldn’t of asked for a better DJ for my wedding! I swear, Rich was so interactive, the customer service was handled exceptionally well, and his ability to transform the musical vision into reality was just top notch. My wedding went so well, and I’m happy I chose the right DJ! I will definitely recommend Rockin Out DJ Service to future brides! Thank you so much for doing such a great job! (: I am highly impressed with everything including your professionalism and on-time contacting skills.


We booked Rich and Rockin’ out DJ for our October wedding and he did an absolutely AMAZING job! From the very beginning, in the planning stages, Rich was very easy to work with! He had great suggestions and also allowed us to put our own flare into our reception. He responded to my questions or concerns right away, and went above and beyond to make our wedding better than I could have imagined!


Rich was a great choice for our wedding day! We had a large wedding which consisted of mainly a younger crowd of our college friends. Rich played music that appealed to a majority of the crowd and kept everyone dancing till the very ended of the night! I got so many compliments from family and friends about how great the music was. I’ve been to other weddings that the Dj wants to play a mix of songs for all generations, but in the process people end up leaving the dance floor. In the beginning of the night he did a great job at playing some songs for older guests. However, Rich did seem to catch on to what the younger guests wanted and played all the modern songs that just topped everything off. I dont think the dance floor had less than 50 people at any given time during the 5 hour reception. Had the best night of my life!


He went above and beyond to help us plan our wedding. He didn’t just do the music he help us find venders, which was not part of his job. He had lots of ideas for games and large selection of music. Everything he did was very appreciated for helping to make it a special day for us. Thanks


We used Rockin’ Out DJ Service for our wedding on April 25, 2015 and we couldn’t be happier with our choice. Rich did an amazing job from our beautiful ceremony to our reception. He is very profession and the music is catered towards your style. Everyone had a blast and danced all night! Rich was very accommodating when we asked him to stay not one but two hours later he gladly kept the party going. We are so grateful we hired the best DJ for our wedding. I would recommend Rockin Out DJ to anyone looking for a fantastic DJ for your event, you won’t be disappointed!

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