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A Great Value For Several Reasons

First and foremost having a Lancaster DJ and Photographer who have worked together makes things run so much smoother on your wedding day.

I’ve done bunches of weddings with newcomers to the photography industry and they don’t realize that a lot of the time they take with Bridal preparation time photos and cocktail hour photos can affect structure and time line for the rest of the event. If they’re as much as 20 minutes late per segment, you have a reception that goes from 2 hours of dance time down to an hour. So it’s crucial to have, as we do, a team of photographers who plans and scouts your location in advance for lighting and posing opps. That way I as the DJ, can get you from event to event within your itinerary without feeling rushed or having to scrap important dances.

We are blessed to have two staff photographers with different photographic styles. This way, you can be sure your finished photos will capture and enhance your special day just as you’ve dreamed it to be. Both work by themselves and as a Wedding DJ, I’ve worked at least 20 weddings with each of them. You may choose Capture All Moments Photography or Anthony Kham Photography. Both have the same professional grade digital DSLR cameras and equipment. They both come with flash capabilities and have been photographing weddings for years so nothing startles them. They have strong work ethics and will photograph your whole day from start to finish.

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Jamie Lower

Capture All Moments Photography

If I had to put their styles into words, I’d say that Jamie Lower, of Capture All Moments Photography uses her pictures to tell almost a stop motion story of your wedding from beginning to end. It’s as if you laid the pics end to end you’d almost have a movie in still frame. She seems to get individual personalized moments.

Anthony Kham Photography

Anthony of Anthony Kham Photography is more of a big picture guy. He doesn’t miss a beat and will make sure the big moments are immortalized, and uses editing to enhance rather than overkill a photo. And if a photo stands on its own as is, he has foresight enough to let it tell its own story. I guess that’s the best way I can put it.

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Anthony Kham

If you’d like, you can talk to both privately prior to making a decision of which you’ll use. You’ll have 100 plus edited and raw images when you’re done, on your own hard drive, with full control to use them as you wish, most other photographers won’t even let you do that unless you pay them big time money, not us.

We also give you actual prints of your finished photos. Most photographers don’t do that either. The photographer’s time begins at your prep time the day of your event and ends whenever you make your exit, via sparkler, bubbles or what have you.

My time is all inclusive as well for this package and includes the ceremony system, the mics for the officiant, the dance floor lighting, and up lighting.


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