Why Booking Your Wedding Photographer & Wedding DJ From The Same Company Makes Sense

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You’ve booked your Lancaster PA Wedding venue, your caterer, your guest list, wedding decor is finalized and now time to move onto creating your “party atmosphere” for your wedding reception.

So you have 10 Lancaster PA wedding photographers  from which to choose and 5 Wedding DJ Lancaster PA. But there are now about 3 meetings to go to for the photographer and 3 meetings for the wedding DJ. But you have to set aside as much as 6 hours of your time together for all these meetings and all the travel, not to mention the travel, the stress, and taking time away from your fiance.

So how do you minimize the stress, cut down the time spent choosing, AND choose 2 great vendors in one shot? Is it possible?

Yes it is. You choose your wedding photographer and wedding DJ from the same company. You can do this.

advantages with choosing wedding dj and wedding photography from one company

  • If you’re budget-conscious, you might want to cut costs with one or the other. But as the saying goes, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait till you hire an amateur.” Which means, if you cut costs on the photography portion, you might be looking at bad wedding photos forever. Or maybe cutting the dj means a bad party for you and your friends.
  • By booking the photographer and dj from the same company, they most likely will be familiar with your wedding venue. This is awesome because then you won’t spend cocktail hour scouting for locations, wasting time when you could be taking photos. Plus the venue will be familiar with them both, which will ensure an ease in the planning portion.
  • If the wedding dj does special events such as The Shoe Game, Kissing Game or other dances, the photographer will know this ahead of time and be perfectly positioned to capture the moment.
  • One contract and two services booked. One payment to make. One meeting to attend.
  • One can vouch for the other. If they’re liked by other vendors, it makes the whole wedding reception run smoother.
  • The wedding dj and wedding photographer can work in tandem to ensure a successful wedding day.

But where do you go to find a wedding dj and wedding photographer who can do all this and more??

Imagine that, I have an answer. That would be Rockin Out DJ Service. We’re one of the only Lancaster PA wedding DJs to offer the simplicity and ease of booking both services

Fill out this contact form below, or click on our Wedding DJ & Photography Combo page and find out all we offer...

Oh, and btw, the images on this page come from our award-winning photographers, Anthony Kham Photography & Jamie Lower, of Capture All Moments Photography in York, PA.

Rockin Out DJ Service, your one-stop for all your wedding dj and wedding photography needs in Lancaster & Chester Counties


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